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Psychological Disorder with Counselling

Psychological Disorder with Counselling

Anxiety is the most prevalent psychological disorder around the world, which is rated in the first place of mental diseases. Women are engaged twice more than me [1]. According to DSM-5, anxiety is an unreasonable inner anguish or discomfort that can be easily diagnosed from fear which is determined from external reasons. Fear is an emotional response to real or perceived imminent threat, whereas anxiety is an anticipation of future threat. It is associated with physiological agitation and excitement in which the patient is supposed to escape from those situations or stay with imposed tremendous suffering [2].
Depression is also one of the most disabling disorders and as well as anxiety, there is a double rate outbreak among women [1]. DSM-5 classifies depression as a mood disorder that illustrates itself in sadness, aggression and guilty feelings. This derangement is often followed by joylessness; some physiological changes such as, sleep rhythm disorder and appetite decreasing or increasing; suicidal thoughts accompanied by somatic and cognitive changes that significantly affect the individual’s capacity of function
As a natural holistic therapy, homeopathy can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. This science is founded by Samuel Hahnemann, German physician (1755-1843) who found that natural remedies by the time that they are potentized can cure natural diseases based on the similar symptoms