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Lipomas are soft, movable, rubbery consistency, without pain fat cell masses under the skin, with size varying from .3-1.5 inches.Size of lipoma can remain same or increase gradually. Lipoma are non-cancerous growth. As per Dr.Abhishek genetic history plays an important role in lipoma.

Incidence:Lipoma can develop at any age but it is more common in 30-40 yrs of age, female are more prone to develop lipoma as compare to males. A research study conducted at Aura Homeopathy Clinic & research centre reveals that females generally suffer from single big lipoma, where as in males multiple lipoma or adiposa dolorosa are more common.

The exact cause is not known, but genetic history plays an important role. Lipoma may be due to increase fatty content in the body,it is advised to do regular exercise and follow proper diet restriction for reducing body weight.