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Definition : When a women exhibits 2 of 3 criteria mentioned below, she can be considered as one who is suffering from PCOD.

Very less or No Ovulation.
Growth of hair on face / Male pattern baldness,
Increase in sexual desire and or Multiple cysts in Ovaries.
Signs & Symptoms :

Menses are Irregular, few, or completely absent.
Primary Infertility: resulting from chronic lack of ovulation.
Other associated symptoms which may or may not be present.

Apple shaped" obesity which is centered on the lower half of the torso.
Obesity with fault in Insulin metabolism is present in many cases. Therefore these women are susceptible to develop Diabetes Mellitus.
Pain during sexual intercourse
Prolonged periods of bloating,
Mood swings, Pelvic pain, Backaches etc.
Waking from sleep due to shortness of breath.
Skin :
Acanthosis Nigricans — Dark patches of skin, which is a sign of insulin resistance status.
Skin tags: Tiny flaps of skin