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Varicose vein

Varicose vein

The appearance of enlarged or twisted veins usually on the legs or feet is referred to as Varicose Veins. This medical condition is common among people who are prone to pretty long hours of standing or sitting work. Varicose Veins may also appear during pregnancy. These are dark purple or bluish in colour, with or without pain. A person may also experience severe pain along with heaviness of legs because of Varicose Veins. Another accompanying symptom can be cramps with swelling in legs. Many also complain of throbbing and burning at the site. Varicose Veins, if left untreated, may result in serious complications with the formation of  ulcers (Varicose Ulcers). Homeopathy provides a safe and effective cure for Varicose Veins. The natural remedies work to root out the underlying cause of Varicose Veins.